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Tomato Feta and Avocado Toastie

Ha!  I have just been looking through my backed up photos on Google and I came across this one – some toasties which became  the epitome of the majority of our lunches while we have having the new kitchen fitted three years ago (where does the time go?!)

By the way, if you’re not from this part of the world, toasties are toasted sandwiches in our ever so cool slang! 😉

Old School Cheese and Bean Toasties

Just look at the molten cheese and bean mix oozing from the side waiting to burn your mouth in a surprise attack! LOL

I don’t know about you, but I loved toasties as a kid and a teen (and now, in fact!) and think that they are often overlooked as being cheap and nasty or student food.  There is so much scope for them these days that I am thinking about giving them a bit of a revival here on the blog.

I plan on doing a bit of the traditional types along with some more contemporary and inventive types too – like this one of Jamie Oliver’s that I posted some time ago; Tomato, Feta and Avocado Toastie. (even though it is made in the traditional triangle machine, it does somehow seem to have a bit more sophistication to it!

Tomato, Feta and Avocado Toastie

Tell me which was our favourite toasties growing up and any flavours or combos you’re like to see me experiment with during the great toastie revival!

If you have any pictures, be sure to tag them with #toastierevival and tag me too! @sustymeals

Feeling really rather hungry now….

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