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Susty Meals originated from my friends wanting to know more about my avid meal planning and delicious home cooking (pretty much every day at least one person at work would ‘yum’ and comment about my left overs packed lunch) which led to me starting Susty’s as a way for me to access my own recipes and subsequently to share them with the world.

I honestly believe that we all can have great, tasty and affordable food that we can cook and share at home with the people that we love.  I believe that leftovers are AMAZING and I absolutely love the time that I create for myself through meal planning – oh and I know that you will too!  Cooking from fresh is so much more healthy, delicious and enjoyable once you have a plan in place to make it happen (it’s not going to happen overnight, but we all have to start somewhere!) Just think of all the additives that are in processed foods – yuck! – and ho by making at home you will know every ingredient.

Unlike many food blogs out there, every picture is of the food that is actually eaten by us (no wastage for photography in this house) so you can rest assured that I am living my values completely!

You will find all the recipes in the Recipe Index and for everything else, including the recipes posts, check out the blog where I will share things about my arts, crafts, holidays, days out and so much more that I can’t even think of at the moment! (whatever comes to mind will go in there I reckon!)

My mission is to provide a fun, friendly and frugal online home for resources, recipes, how-to’s and much, much more on the style of creative, affordable, sustainable living.  Your go to guide for great green and organisational knowledge bank!

Sarah Irving - Susty Meals Coaching Your Happy Life

I am Sarah and I have a passion for delicious home-cooked food (specifically vegetarian and vegan), the environment and frugal living, living the best life that I can on the budget that I have while taking care of the planet.  Following living as a student on the inevitable beer and food budget, I began my journey into meal planning.  That was some 8 years ago and I am still going strong.  Having worked in the third sector in sustainability, I have increased my knowledge on the amount of food that is needlessly wasted from domestic households every week – it is astronomical, I can tell you! – which is why it is high on my priority to help you stop wasting and start saving.

My mission is to help you to begin looking at your weekly food in a different way, taking into account the amount of food you actually need and what you will be eating throughout the week.  By changing the way you approach this task, you will be able to increase your health, boost your savings, create more time through organisation and free your mind. (I am a huge fan of planning and organisation as a way to free up time in your day and in your head!)

This site will provide you with a plethora of recipes from both my own creation and those of well known (and not so known) chefs.  All the recipes are vegetarian or vegan, with some including meat substitues.  I also provide hints and tips for other frugal living activities… saving money doesn’t mean living a boring life!

If you have any suggestions about things you would like me to cover, please do give me a shout, send me a message or post on my Facebook wall or Tweet me and I will see what I can do!


Sarah Irving

…and in case you’re here to get to know me in the other areas of my life…

I am an eco-friendly cat loving artist with a passion for the surreal.  That said, I love all animals and have 6 cats of my own, a fish and many borrow dogs.  I adore vising new places (and doing it on a budget) with my amazing boyfriend.  We love to see the areas that most tourists miss, by going off the beaten track and exploring further! I am a keen learner and will learn anything that I possibly can.  If I don’t know how to do something it will be my goal to find out in any way that I can – my friends often call me a nerd and a geek and I’m cool with that.

As well as all the above, I love growing my own food and flowers, making my own clothes and take great pleasure in spending time in the great outdoors walking, hiking, picnicking and camping – there’s nothing quite like it!

And in other news, I am the grinning blonde Positive Transformation Life Coach over at Your Happy Life where I help people to regain control of their lives and find the time and motivation to be who they always dreamed they were through Positive Supportive Challenge.

Hey, enough about me!  Get in touch and let me know more about you!  What kinds of meals do you like? What would you like to see on the blog? I’d love to get to know you better!


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PS: How would you fancy a package course to help you set up a food (or other!) blog on a budget?  Blogging really is fun and can help you to bring in a little bit of money on the side of your hobby 🙂