Breville Blend Active Review

by Sarah
Breville Blend Active Review


I mentioned some time ago that I bought the Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender Family Pack, White and Green because I was getting really fed up of boring breakfasts and wanted to inject some smoothies into our diets – because everyone else seemed to be doing it and they looked absolutely delicious!

One of the main factors that made me think about doing smoothies was that I do Jit’s breakfast for him every morning and wanted to give him something that was easy to have at his desk, wasn’t smelly or overpowering like eggs (or the tuna, sundried tomato and balsamic thing) that I used to do for him and smoothies seemed like a great option.  Not only were they easy for breakfast, but we could blitz up our protein shakes too after working out.

Yeah, so I was using my Blend Active every week day for about 3 months enjoying many different types of experimental smoothie (including the coffee one) up until last week when as I was blending, the smoothie was splattering l over me, the walls, the counter and the blender itself! I was puzzled to say the least being that I had never come across it doing this at all!

Only on closer inspection did I realise that the seal had gone.  I checked the sink, the dishwasher and asked Jit to check in work (he remembered seeing something similar in the kitchen while washing out his bottle) but alas, it wasn’t to be found.

I trooped the internet trying to find a replacement seal only to resolve that I would be best to call the services department because breakfast was becoming a bore again! LOL

The department is actually only down the road from our house, randomly!

They were great, really quick at answering but I was rather disappointed to discover that I had to buy the whole blade part – just for the rubber seal! I bought it, obviously, but am rather confused as to why they provide a product with a removable seal only to not let you replace it if it goes missing.  I now have a blade unit that is not fit for anything – unless I fancy painting the kitchen with smoothie juice!

Anyway, I am planning on writing to Breville to find out what they say, so I’ll keep you posted.

All in all, though, I would definitely recommend the Breville Blend Active as it is a very reasonable price (in comparison to many others), makes easy work through frozen fruit and makes very quick and delicious smoothies.

As I say, the only downfall is that the seal can stick to the bottle and go missing resulting in having to buy a whole new blade bit.  But hey, it wasn’t a bad price at £7 (inc. postage) to get back on the smoothie wagon!

Looking forward to getting smoothie-ing again!

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