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Back to Basics | How to cook a poppadum in the miscorwave | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving
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How to cook a Poppadum in the Microwave

This is one of my favourite kitchen hacks ever because it saves time, effort and cleaning to get you a perfectly crispy and crunchy poppadum, whether for a snack or for with your meal.  No faff, just a great poppadum. If you have ever bee to the supermarket and seen the price for the ready […]

How to make oat flour | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving
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How to make Oat Flour

I have been asked by a couple of readers how to make oat flour.  If you have ever seen it in the shops it can be quite expensive and honestly, who wants to store another type of flour in their cupboard.  I know that I don’t! Many of you will already have oats in your […]

Back to Basics_How to Cook Perfect Rice
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How to cook perfect rice

I have spent years trying to learn how to cook perfect rice and have had successes along the way which become failures when you a) get a new cooker b) change your pans c) the wind changes direction! (OK, so not really the last one!  Bit if you’ve been trying to get it right for […]