Outfit of the Day – Jeans, Jumper and Snood

by Sarah
Outfit of the Day - Jeans, Jumper and Snood | 21/10/2016 | OOTD | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

So it seems as though my Outfit of the Day (or OOTD as they are known by the cool kids) was pretty popular yesterday.  Thanks for the interest and support guys, it means  a lot!

This morning was a lot chillier than the past few mornings for my 7:30am 3.5 mile walk so I thought that I should go for a jumper that is a bit woolier and longer to save my tummy from getting cold when the breeze goes up my coat while walking.  I also changed my socks.

One thing I love about the colder months is that I can layer up – which means using my summer clothes underneath my winter clothes making use of them for all seasons.  FTW! (For the Win, if you’re not to acronym savvy.  I don’t usually use them, but it feels appropriate for this post as I have started with one)  It wasn’t that cold today, but it has reminded me that I need to sort out my drawers so that I have easy access to my vests and long johns for when the weather turns colder.  Having a chilly bottom is no fun at all when you’re out walking or hiking.

So onto today’s outfit of the day…

Drum roll please!

I’ll start with the best photo from a bad bunch.  I’m finding the posing to be pretty challenging.  Don’t worry, read on and you’ll get to see the results of my contortions!


To get out nice and early (and because it is cleaning day and I’m sure to get sweaty) I have just pinned my hair out of the way.  I like to do the kind of pin-up girl twist as it makes it just a bit more interesting than scraping it back 1990’s scally stylee (although in all fairness, the slicked back look was often accompanied with the old ‘hairspray fringe’… maybe I’ll bring it back?)

Outfit of the Day - Jeans, Jumper and Snood | 21/10/2016 | OOTD | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

I am wearing the same jeans and t-shirt as yesterday as they are absolutely fine.  Well, I think the jeans will have to go in the wash tomorrow as they have seen some puddles this week!  Nothing that shows, anyway.  The best thing about these jeans is that they are really well made (they are a very expensive brand from America and I think they are normally about $200!! Thank goodness for TK Maxx) so they are comfortable, keep their shape and hide all sorts of dirt. (only kidding …or am I?)

Anyway, back to my outfit of the day…

This is my ‘oh my god! I nearly fell down the stairs trying to take a picture’ pose.  I kind of like it to be honest as I think it makes me look a bit more edgy than the others.

Outfit of the Day - Jeans, Jumper and Snood | 21/10/2016 | OOTD | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

You can also really see the stripes on my GAP jumper on this one.  And that I perhaps need to tighten the straps on my bra too.  (or that could just be part of the edgy look in the pose – I’m new to this so I don’t know yet)

Today I am also sporting my Fat Face snood that has little tiny butterflies on it.  I like that it goes with everything and can be worn all year round when it is a bit chilly.  That, I find to be the handiest thing about scarves and snoods. They don’t just have to come out for winter.  I used to wear a scarf all year round before I started walking so often (walking keeps you more than warm enough!)

Outfit of the Day - Jeans, Jumper and Snood | 21/10/2016 | OOTD | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

I actually don’t even know what I was aiming for with this pose.  Whatever it was I think I failed! But let’s not look at the pose, let’s focus on the fact that I have lighter socks on today (also hand-me-downs from my Dad) and you can now see my handmade macrame key holder thing.  I made it from some bright pink string as it was the only colour I had to hand.  I think it looks good though as the clip is purple, so kind of brings a feminine aspect to every outfit I wear so elegantly.  It isn’t so bright now as I’ve been using it for about 8 years now, so a bit of fading stylised aging is understandable.

Here’s a close up

Outfit of the Day - Jeans, Jumper and Snood | 21/10/2016 | OOTD | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

Ah, you know what? I didn’t mention my belt in my outfit of the day post yesterday!  It is FCUK and is older than most of my friends’ kids at nearly 14 years old.  Still going strong though and looking good with the beige on one side and a little flash of that feminine purple again.  I never realised how coordinated my belt and key holder were.  Obviously I have underlying skills in this kind of thing.

I’ll end with this picture

This picture has to be my ultimate favourite out of the my outfit of the day photos for today.  Not because it is well shot, not because it really catches my style, but because there are four of me in it!! Check me out in the screen as well as the mirror!  I think this one could become a regular, what do you think?

Outfit of the Day - Jeans, Jumper and Snood | 21/10/2016 | OOTD | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

I think this look really wreaks of Autumn with the wooly jumper and snood.  I love to wear rainbow clothes and stripes because they make me happy.  This jumper is definitely one of my favourites as it is really stretchy so you can pull the sleeves over your hands when you get extra cold.

And now for the where I bought the goodies bit!

Jeans: Grass, 6+ years old bought from TK Maxx for £20

T-shirt: H&M (no idea whether you can still buy them!)

Jumper: GAP 8+ years old bought from the GAP Outlet at Cheshire Oaks

Snood: Fat Face 4 years old (approx) bought in the January sales

Pedometer: Fitbit, case from eBay

Socks: M&S hand-me-down from my Dad (I actually gave them to him in the first place!)

Key holder thingy: Clip from a uni goodie bag, macrame made by me from random string in the house and the keys are part of the house

(Oh yeah and in the background of the picture you can also see a Pet Stages fish cat toy, our air purifier from the Ideal Home Show in GMEX in 2005 and my Breville Blend Active smoothie cup)

Now that I am home and getting on with things, I think that the thicker wooly jumper may have been a bad choice for inside.  However, I am out this evening attending a talk at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry about the ‘Idiot Brain’ so I know that it will be perfect for then as the main atrium can be pretty chilly.

Looking forward to sharing my outfit of the day with you again tomorrow.

Have a happy Friday!

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Are you enjoying my Outfit of the Day posts?  Do you have any hints and tips on poses for me to try? Which was your favourite photo today?

Let me know in the comments below, I’m willing to give new poses a try!


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Ali Paton 21st October 2016 - 1:44 pm

Loving the stripes! This is definitely my favourite time of year for fashion! 🙂

Sarah 21st October 2016 - 2:22 pm

Thanks, Ali. Autumn is definitely a great time of year for clothing, I do love the cosy jumpers that come with the cooler weather 🙂


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