Vintage Lounge Update (before)

by Sarah

The 27th January this year marks the 10 year anniversary of living in our house so as a treat (and because we finally found the one we wanted at a price we liked) we are doing a quick vintage lounge update with a lovely GPlan unit.


Unlike most of my friends we have taken our time doing the house up (we did our first bit of decorating about 6 years in!) as we were spending our time and money on travelling rather than decor.  Plus, we were lucky that it was OK decor in the first place.  However, now that we are growing up and have a bit more cash, we are finally getting around to doing some designing.

Our style is pretty much modern vintage swaying generally towards cheap and second hand being the sustainable kind of people that we are. We’re also trying to move away form the IKEA stuff that we have filled our house with in the past.  Nothing wrong with IKEA stuff, just that we have had our fair share when we couldn’t afford the things that we really wanted.


We have been collecting some lovely vintage pieces over the years like our two egg chairs (both eBay) and the GPlan dresser in the right-hand corner with the fish tank and hand-cranker on.  The new unit is going to replace the HUGE box, however the wood will not be going to waste as I am designing some display boxes for the wall that will double as cat tree space.

The TV will be mounted on the wall an covered with a designed blind to hide it when not in use, kind of like this:

Only kidding! But you get the idea.  I’m currently digging through my photography archives to choose an image to print or lasertran onto the blind to match in with the room.  I’ll keep you posted on that one as I am not sure which direction I’ll go with it. (the above is not what I’m thinking!)

The G Unit

We have been checking in and out at Empire Antiques over the years for a sideboard only to umm and ahh and eventually be out priced.  So we resorted to saving the search on eBay to see what would come up.  Unfortunately they seem to be very much in flavour at the moment which has also hiked the price on there too.

However!  Just after Christmas as we settled back home after our trip away in Wales, I was flicking through the searches that I had missed and came across this unit.


It is the exact one that we had ‘chosen’ years ago at the mill but missed out on.  The doors slide and there is plenty of room for our tech.  This one has the addition of the hairpin legs which the seller added and to be honest I love them.  They make the piece that little bit different and will make it nice and easy to clean underneath – somewhere else for the cats to play as well.

It is arriving tomorrow so I should really be sorting things out in the lounge rather than posting this, but I just couldn’t wait to share the news!  To be honest, I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be the year of house renovation and change.  I’m in the midst of planning the new bathroom not only so that it is nice for us, but so that we can have house sitters in to enable us to travel even more.  (there’s always a plus to some hard graft!)

Of course I will keep you updated on vintage lounge update as well as all the other indoor and outdoor renovations! It is exciting and I’m looking forward to using my construction skills again.

Here’s to a new look lounge!

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Are you planning any home renovations/changes/decorating this year? 

Let me know your plans in the comments below 🙂

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