Left Over Chilli with Jacket Potatoes

by Sarah

I was out late last night with work, so I was pleased to have planned for this in my meal plan for the week. (I even had people at the event asking what was for tea!)

I froze off some additional chilli last week specifically for today, so that  I could come home, pop the chilli in a bowl and pop it into the oven with the potatoes, then sit back and relax while it cooked.

Left Over Chilli with Jacket Potatoes

Veggie Chilli with Jacket Potatoes Ingredients:

4 Large Baking Potatoes

1 Batch of Frozen Chilli

Vegetarian Cheddar Cheese

Jarred Jalapenos (if you like it spicier!)







Slice a ‘V’ shaped cut into the top of each potato

Place the potatoes, with the ‘V’ upwards, into a cold oven

Remove all packaging from the frozen chilli and pop into an oven proof dish (making sure that it will be large enough for the defrosted meal!)

Pop the chilli into the oven

Turn the oven to 200 C

Let the oven come up to temperature, this will defrost the chilli and heat it up too whilst cooking the potatoes

Check on the chilli regularly to stir it and reveal any areas that still require defrosting

Once fully defrosted, check the potatoes by pushing a knife into the ‘v’ (it should be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside)

If the potatoes need more time, remove the chilli and cover for a few minute while the potatoes continue

When the potatoes are almost done, pop the chilli back into the oven while you get the bowls/plates ready

Serve the chilli on the potatoes and grate over the cheese, then add the jalapenos if using

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