Recipe | American Pancake Stack (revisited)

by Sarah
American Pancake Stack with scrambled eggs and fake bacon

As you may have guessed by now, I am not American, but I do love a bit of American food having been over there a few times and this is why I just HAD to recreate the pancake stack in vegetarian stylee!

you might have seen the green tinged pictures of the stack that I whipped up during our recent camping trip and my promise to revisit it once I was back in a house with better lighting and weather conditions to share with you a more appetising glimpse of the goodies.  Well, I am back in better light and indoors but the photos aren’t amazing – sorry! – I was insanely hungry once I had made them that I just had to tuck in!  They are, however, better than the green ones!

Here is the link to the original American Pancake Stack post.

American Pancake Stack with scrambled eggs and fake bacon

If you watch anywhere near as many food programmes as I do, or at least watch the Jamie Oliver shows, you will have heard him talking about the fat ‘dancing’ on the bacon…here’s my shot of that using my Cheatin’ bacon…

To be honest, the quotes from some of the chefs is a big side effect from watching lots of shows.  Another of my favourites (that had me literally LMAO at the time) is ’10 out of 10 on the yum-o-meter’ said by Valentine Warner about his own cooked food.  This is something that I like to slip into conversation at at least one meal per week!

vegan bacon

My handy tip for making the ‘facon’ look more exciting and bacon-esque is to bend it around when you take it out of the frying pan, not only does it give it more shape, but it makes the sauce that you add cover more of it.

(by the way, I am not one of those veggies that misses bacon – in fact, I used to dread getting the lift in work with people with bacon sandwiches because I disliked the smell so much!)

Cheatin' Maple Flavoured vegan baconAmerican Pancake Stack with scrambled eggs and fake baconSo there you have it, a slightly random revisiting of the American Pancake Stack with Cheatin’ bacon, scrambled eggs and agave nectar.

Let me know if you have a go – the weekend isn’t far off!!

Happy cooking,

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