Outfit of the Day – Outdoor Autumn Style 2016

by Sarah

I realised that it has been a while since I posted an Outfit of the Day – Outdoor Autumn Style 2016 post so thought that as I have brought out my Autumn/Winter style that it was time to share something.

Having not really read any OOTD posts lately or received any tips on what I am doing, this is going to be just as random as the rest, but hey, it is good fun anyway!

Weather ready

With the weather getting colder for my walks in the morning and the evening, it came to the point where I had to opt out of my summer waterproof and get out the trusty 3 year old Timberland with integral fleece.  And boy am I glad I did when I was walking to Manchester centre at 7:30 am in -1 C!


No wait!  I did read an OOTD post and they used the word ‘fashionista’ and now I think that I am definitely a fashionista.  I have no idea what it means, but to me it means standing out from the crowd (the red jacket) while being on fleek (I also have no idea what that means either, but I heard it on TV the other day on a YouTuber make-up show and now think that I am cool enough to use it) with my classic jeans and practical shoes for the weather.

I also love how my Lowe Alpine bag cinches in my waist to make me look even more feminine too. Maybe, if I’m lucky, the waist distracts/cancels out the massive mud stains on the bottoms of my bootcut jeans (they’re bang on trend, right?!)


Outdoor Style

As you might have guessed, I am a bit of an outdoorsy type and spend a lot of my time walking and Urban Exploring in Manchester and beyond so making sure that I am warm is a top priority.  And this is why I carry such a big and useful rucksack so that I am prepared for every eventuality -my waterproof trousers are in there along with a hat, some Sealskinz gloves, some other gloves and a couple of Buffs.  You can never be too prepared, especially as a fasionista.

I didn’t really get any close-ups of my style, but I am sure that through the colder months they will appear again, and again, and again in my OOTD posts as I don’t actually have that many clothes.

For now though, here is the rundown of my uber cool / on fleek Outfit of the Day Outdoor Autumn Style 2016

Jacket // Timberland

Scarf // Manchester Christmas markets circa 2005

Hand warmers // The Creative Stitch and Craft Show, London (2014)

Rucksack // Lowe Alpine

Long sleeve t-shirt (just seen by my bum) // New Look (2012)

Bootcut Jeans // Gap

Hiking Trainers // Merrell

New Pixie haircut // Rush Manchester

How was that?  I have seen that OOTD posts have fancy right aligned formatting, so I thought I would give it a go.  What do you reckon?  Does it make me look more fashionista?

If you have any hints or tips to help me to make these even greater, please do pop them in the comments below and I’ll include them in my next OOTD post.

Right, I have to go and pack some more ‘just in case’ stuff into my rucksack ready for this evening’s walk.

Have a good one and make sure you get outside for a walk too!

Love the fashionista,

Sarah sig

What do you think of my outfit of the day – outdoor autumn style 2016?

What kit are you looking forward to digging out for Autumn?  Are you wrapping up warm yet?

Let me know in the comments below along with any tips you have!

Thanks in advance! 😀


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[…] Get your gear sorted.  One of the things that I think stops a lot of people from getting out and about is not having suitable clothing on for the weather.  You don’t need to have specialist outdoor gear either, my tip is to layer up and make sure you have a windproof and waterproof outer layer.  There’s nothing as horrible (or off-putting) than getting soaked through to your knickers. (I’ll share my kit with you soon or you can check out my tongue in cheek OOTD post here) […]


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