How to make Oat Flour

by Sarah
How to make oat flour | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

I have been asked by a couple of readers how to make oat flour.  If you have ever seen it in the shops it can be quite expensive and honestly, who wants to store another type of flour in their cupboard.  I know that I don’t!

Many of you will already have oats in your cupboard for use in recipes, for porridge, smoothies or flapjacks and things like that.  These oats (no matter how cheap) are perfect for making into the simplest of oat flours and here’s how.

For this, I use my small food processor that attaches to my stick blender as I like to make only the amount I need each time.

How to make oat flour | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

For this batch, I used 2 cups of general purpose oats, added them to my processor bowl and blitzed for about 60 seconds until the oats were an even consistency and like that of a coarse flour.

It really is that simple.

It not only saves you money, but space and time too.

How to make oat flour | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

Oat flour is perfect for making protein bites and bars – I’ll be posting some recipes for these very soon.

Have a go and see what you can make with it!

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