Baggy Trousers

by Sarah
Susty Meals - McCall's Trouser Pattern M6514

If you are anywhere around my age, I can imagine that you’ll be singing Baggy Trousers by Madness in your head right now… sorry for the ear worm!

Anyway, that isn’t actually what this post is about, it really is about baggy trousers, the ones that you wear on your legs.

I have been a longtime lover of baggy trousers (ever since my skater days) and have been on the hunt for some nice ones that are a bit more suitable for my eccentric 30-something self.  Then on my hunts around the internet, I came across blogger, Ivy Arch, who had been making her own clothes for a year rather than buying them.  She also made the most gorgeous baggy trousers that I have ever seen.  So gorgeous in fact that I knew that I had to make some for myself.

The pattern is McCall’s M6514 and I bought it in the smaller sizes (following Ivy Arch’s advice about them being rather roomy)

I had the pattern for a while before making y trousers, as I was waiting for the Abakhan sale to come up – seriously, one of the best sales you will ever go to!  I bought loads of fabric and when I paid and realised it was cheaper than I thought, I went to the rolls and spent my pocket-money on some fabric I had my eye on for ages!

Susty Meals - McCall's Trouser Pattern M6514

So then I set about making the trousers.  I think they only took me about 2 hours in total and that was cutting out the pattern and getting everything set up and sewn.  I am pretty much a seasoned sewer, so if you are new to sewing, I would leave a bit longer to get them done.  They are really simple though and the instructions are very clear, so you shouldn’t have much trouble with them.

Here are my finished trousers:

Susty Meals - McCall's Trouser Pattern M6514

I really love making clothes for myself, partly because it works out cheaper (at times!) and partly because it means that I can really show my individual side.  I am hoping to make a lot more of my own stuff over the coming months.  Presently I am in the midst of knitting a jumper for Jit ( my other half) so we’ll see what I get up to after that.

On a side note, one of the things I really like about clothes patterns is how easy it becomes to create your own when you get used to the basics.  For example, another item that I’ll be sharing with you is my mini skirt that I adapted from this trouser pattern!  …perhaps one day I’ll sort it out to release as a printable, but in the meantime, the descriptions will have to do.

Anyhoo, best be off to put the shopping away!

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