5 things to start crafting now for Christmas

by Sarah
5 things to start crafting now for Christmas

Since I have been getting back to blogging here at Susty Meals, plus having reviewed the topics I’ll cover, I have been craving to get my craft on. Then I realised – thanks to one of those friends – that it is only 13 more weekends until Christmas!  Yes, it makes me cringe mentioning it s early too, but as a crafter, I do really need to plan ahead! So to get us all started, here are 5 things to start crafting now for Christmas.

To get myself focused and planning I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the things that I plan to make (or ones that I simply think are a great idea!)

Here are 5 things to start crafting now for Christmas

Knitted Hand Warmers

peekaboo hand warmers

I am personally a HUGE fan of hand warmers as they can be worn indoors and outdoors, keep your hands warm while also letting you function like counting money or typing.  These are a lovely simple pair that you can knit up pretty quickly and I know will be loved by whoever you choose to receive them.

They are available through Ravelry as a free download (so long as it is for personal use only)

Grab the pattern here!


Succulent plants in terracotta pots

Succulent plants in terracotta pots DIY

I spotted these on Pinterest and being a fan of succulent plants (they are both pretty and easy to look after) I thought they would make the perfect gifts.  Making them now means that you can dry the pots outdoors in the warm weather and you can get the cuttings or baby plants settled in before you gift them.  I think these would look so cute in a bathroom, hallway or spare room for that cheeky cuteness.

The site is in Spanish, so you can use google translate.  However, Jess has done a fabulous job on the picture steps that you shouldn’t need it!

Head here for the tutorial!


Lavender Bags

Who doesn’t love that wonderful floral aroma of lavender when they open their drawers or wardrobe?  I love the smell myself and grow loads of it in my front garden, so a perfectly loving and thrift way to create a useful gift for your friends and family.

These ones are from Brit + Co. with a lovely modern twist of the traditional style bag.  I love the idea f using up the off cuts of my funky fabric to make them too.

Grab the tutorial here. 


Flavoured Vodka

I have been making flavoured vodkas for years and they always go down well with friends and family.  The great part about getting started now is that you can forage some fruit from the hedgerow or get some while in season.  I love the sound of this raspberry and mint version from Sarah over at Craft Invaders.  I bet it would bring that summer taste to the winter months! Yum!

Grab the instructions here.


DIY Foot Soak

If like me, you’re a keen walker and hiker, you’ll know how nice a really lovely foot soak is.  And I know non-walkers who love a good foot soak too.  This Lime and Mint version from Tidy Mom sound like the perfect combination of freshness for that all important soak.  Plus, you could make different flavours depending on your recipient’s personal preference.  Easy to do once you have the basic ingredients.

Grab the instructions here.


So there you have it. Breaking you in gently with just 5 things to get crafting now for Christmas and something for everyone too.  I’m definitely going to be doing at least some of these over the coming months so that I’m not in a hurry as the big event draws near.

Have fun and let me know what else you plan to craft this Christmas! (sorry, I said it again!)

Baked Spicy Mexican Eggs

What are your favourite things to DIY and make for Christmas gifts?  Will you be making any of these?
Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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