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Veggie Carbonara
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Veggie Spaghetti Carbonara

I have been looking through my cookery books lately (on a mission to declutter and make life simpler) and I have noticed that so many recipes have ham in them.  It seems like some of Jamie Oliver’s books, there is ham in absolutely every recipe, even the puddings! (OK, I’m joking about that one! LOL!) […]

Deconstructed Halloumi Kebab | Sarah Irving Susty Meals
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Deconstructed Halloumi Kebabs

I do love a good kebab, but I find of find it a bit pointless doing them on the kebab sticks when you are cooking them inside (i.e. not on the BBQ) so I have started to make deconstructed halloumi kebabs.  If you have ever had a kebab, you’ll know that as soon as it […]

Roasted Vegetable Toad
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Roasted Vegetable Toad

I wasn’t really sure on the name Roasted Vegetable Toad for the sole reason that I have never really understood whether the ‘toad’ was the sausage or the Yorkshire pudding? If you know, please do share with me! Anyway for the sake of getting this post and recipe posted, I’ll go with the roasted vegetable […]

Summer Minestrone Soup
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Summer Minestrone Soup

I love minestrone soup, but often find that it can be quite heavy and overpowering for during the summer months, so I decided to create a summer style version that you can easily chuck in any seasonal veg that you want to. This version is much lighter and fresher and goes perfectly with savoury spinach […]