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Green Omelette and Green Salad

If you’re looking to colour coordinate your dinner, then the green omelette and green salad are just the thing.  I didn’t set out to intentionally make the whole meal green, it just turned out that way.  It is so simple to make for those nights when your other half is out or you need something […]

Baked Spicy Mexican Eggs
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Baked Spicy Mexican Eggs

There is nothing quite like a bit of comfort food for a which is where this one likes to sit on my meal plan.  I have recently been sorting through the masses (and by that I mean MASSES!) of cookery books, food magazines and the like because I am on a mission to minimise the […]

cheesy egg quesadillas
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Cheesy Egg Quesadillas

As has become our tradition for the past few years, we went camping for my birthday (which was last week) and I have been meaning to add more camping/one-pot/easy meals to the blog for ages so with the start of camping season upon us, what a better opportunity! I will kick-start with the easy and […]

Eggy Bread | Sarah Irving Susty Meals
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Eggy Bread

I know a lot of people call eggy bread French toast, but I grew up always believing that French toast was those little crispy melba toast type things – you know, the things that look ike you just dehydrated a loaf of bread and  went tiny and crunchy. So yeah, I’m going to stick with […]