Review of Barnacles Chip Shop in Llandudno

by Sarah
Review of Barnacles Chippy in Llandudno | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

I haven’t included reviews on my blog in the past, probably because we don’t eat out very often!  But I have been asked by a few people in my bloggers group to include some and I think they are pretty useful – especially if you don’t eat out often as it gives you a good idea of places to try.  So every so often, you will find a review of somewhere I have visited.  I’ll also be doing some cheap tea posts too! (knowing where to get a cheap quality tea is ALWAYS useful, in my book anyway!)

Here is my review of Barnacles Chip Shop in Llandudno.

Review of Barnacles Chippy in Llandudno | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

When you think of fish and chip shops the thought of vegan, vegetarian or even gluten free are far from your mind. However, in Llandudno, there is just the place.  Barnacles chip shop is my absolute favourite place to eat.  Not only does it give Jit the opportunity to have fish and chips, but I can eat with him – only having the vegan battered sausage and chips with mushy peas and a slice of bread with Vitalite on it.  Perfect.

To be honest, Jit normally joins me by having the battered sausage too.  Oh and I forgot to mention, you can get soya milk with your tea too.  AND!! Yes, and, they give you free hot water to top up your pot of tea!

Barnacles is situated on Mostyn Street, right in the heart of Llandudno.  Near to the shops, art gallery and train station.  It’s also not far from the Great Orme or the promenade, so a perfect location for post hike lunch. (that is the exact reason that we travel 2 hours in the car to go to our favourite chippy!!)

The cafe itself is cosy and comfortable.  There is plenty of seating even on a Saturday lunchtime (when this photo was taken) and there is some seating outside too.  The outside seats get taken quickly though and isn’t table service (I don’t think…)

Review of Barnacles Chippy in Llandudno | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

It is table service and the staff are all lovely and friendly.  When ordering just them know that you are ordering from the veggie, vegan or gluten-free menu and they will make sure that everything is suitable for you.  There is plenty to choose from, but I have to recommend the vegan battered sausage!  It is absolutely delicious and I have it every time I visit.  It is the one thing that I won’t copy at home because Barnacles is my happy food place!

Review of Barnacles Chippy in Llandudno | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

The food and drink arrive nice and hot and keep the heat for the whole meal – which is great for chippy food!  There is also a plentiful supply of salt, pepper and vinegar on each table and you can ask for sauces too.

Of course, when having a chippy in true Northern style, there has to be a chip butty to go with it.

Review of Barnacles Chippy in Llandudno | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

Without a doubt, I would recommend Barnacles Chippy in Llandudno to anyone who wants the traditional chippy experience with a vegan, vegetarian or gluten free option.  Jit tells me that the fish is excellent too – but not quite as good as the sausage!

There is alcohol on the menu too, including some local ales.  One day, when we finally stay in a Lladudno B&B we will try a meal with the local ales and I’ll let you know what they’re like.  For now, you’ll have to just have the soft drink version – the tea is lovely, by the way.

If you liked my review of Barnacles Chip Shop in Llandudno and would like to see more reviews, drop me a comment to let me know.  If there is anything you’d like me to include in reviews, let me know that too!

If you’d like to know more about the activities that we get up to while we’re on our 2 hour drive excursion to Llandudno (our excuse for going to the chippy!) then check out my posts on my other blog about the Great Orme.

Mmm, now I’m thinking about food!  I’ll just have to settle for the leftover chilli corn chowder from last night when it gets to lunch time.

Cheers to inclusive chip shops!

Baked Spicy Mexican Eggs

Do you know of any veggie, vegan or other special diet chippies?  I’d love to have others to try too!

Let me know in the comments 🙂

Barnacles Fish and Chip Shop and Cafe
Address: 7 Mostyn St, Llandudno LL30 2NL

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Oliver 13th September 2016 - 5:23 pm

LLANDUDNO!! I used to work there in the poshest hotel in town… lol As soon as I saw “Barnacles Chip Shop” I knew it was the one in ‘Dudno! Anyway, if you’re ever in that area again, try out Enochs in Llandudno Junction, not far from the Conwy Castle. It’s the cutest little chippy 😉

Oliver x

Sarah 14th September 2016 - 12:47 pm

Oh my goodness, how funny is that?! Which hotel was it, Oliver? (they all look pretty posh ;))

I’ll have to add Enochs to the list for when we go back that way – we were right by there too on one of our days around ‘Dudno!

To be honest, I’ll take any excuse to jump in the car and head down that way anyway! 😀

Sarah x

Oliver 14th September 2016 - 9:48 pm

I worked in St George’s (known locally as ‘the George’) for a couple of years when I was studying in Bangor University.

I’m not sure how good Enochs is for vegetarians, I haven’t been since I turned veggie a few months ago but I’m sure you can find something because they do more than just fish & chips.

Oliver x

asma 13th September 2016 - 7:43 pm

wow vegan battered sausage?? incredible!! Definitely something I would try, thanks for sharing such a gem x

Sarah 14th September 2016 - 12:49 pm

You’re welcome, Asma 🙂 I hope you try it if you’re ever around Llandudno way 🙂 If you’re not veggie, I believe the other dishes are delicious too 🙂 x

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