I am the CHAMPION!

by Sarah
Sarah Irving | Susty Meals

It is not something that I have said before, but I am the CHAMPION!

Sarah Irving | Susty Meals

Every year for about the past 4 years I have been entering the Willaston Horticultural Society Annual Show with my homemade preserves and produce with varying results each time.  I have used it as an opportunity to share new things with the judges, such as entering vegan cakes and brownies or new and exciting flavours of jellies and jams.  I like the experimental feel and spreading the word that veggie and vegan food is great!

Anyhoo, I digress!  This year, was no different.  I prepared my preserves and planned out my baking day (as all my baking had to be done in one day ready to be dropped 55 miles way at the show on the Saturday morning.

After a very productive day (even making a second apple pie due to the first one morphing into a melting one…don’t ask!!) and a second cherry cake as I realised (10 minutes into baking the thing!) that I had cut the cherries in half rather than quarters, I felt good about my efforts and ready for the show.

horti show 2015

We set off early (as we’ve been notorious for lateness and rushing in the past) and arrived in good time to set up.  There were SO many more entries into each class, which was great.  Possibly something to do with the rainy weather we’ve had,but none the less, some great competition.

Off we scooted (for a full veggie breakfast!) ready to let the judging commence.  We popped back to my parents’ house on the way back while we waited for the show to start.  Just to add, my sister and Dad do the adding up of the marking ready for the prize giving.

I was so pleased to see that I had won some prizes and that I had beaten some of the best ladies in the show (even ones that have won for years!!)  I thought nothing else about it, other than how I would spend my prize money on some of the gorgeous show flowers (something I aim for every year)

IMG_3313 IMG_3318 IMG_3319 IMG_3321 IMG_3322 jelly

As the trophies were being handed out, I drifted in and out with the clapping and congratulation – it can go on a bit if you’re not getting anything – when all of a sudden I thought I heard my name!!  I looked around in confusion, but realised that it was in fact me that was being called!

Susty Meals | Sarah Irving

I collected my trophies with utter shock, awe and amazement!  I was absolutely made up to be honest! (I reckon you can see in my face how I felt)

I had actually won the whole of the produce section!! I had never even dreamed that I would, but I did!  My preserves and baking won!

It was absolutely wonderful to be congratulated by the husband of the lady that usually wins and his wife was also pleased as she wanted younger people to enter and have a chance of winning too.

So my advice to you if you have been umming and ahing about entering a local show is to go for it!  Just give it a go and see what happens.  If you don’t win, you have some delicious cakes to eat and if you do, fab!!

Have you ever entered a local produce show?  Share your experiences in the comments below, as I’d love to hear!

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