Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

by Sarah

Over the past two weeks we have been getting into having smoothies for our breakfasts as it is an easy and quick way to get goodies into us and a great way to up our daily protein.  We consume a lot anyway, but it is a great addition for when we go on our hikes and for repairing muscles after exercise, so the more the merrier, especially as a way to kick start the day.

As with anything, I love to experiment and come up with my own recipes and smoothies is no different.  I have been trawling Pinterest, but every smoothie seems to be the same ol’ same ol’.  Not that they are boring, mind you, but I like to have a good variety so that we don’t get bored – and so we look forward to breakfast!

Before I go into the Coffee Breakfast Smoothie of the Breakfast in a smoothie smoothie (as I like to call it), I will just preface that it does look and sound absolutely gross!  But… don’t let that put you off, because once it is blended, it tasted great and is full of goodies for you.  Honestly!!

So here we go!  Keep that mind open…please! 😉

Coffee Breakfast Smoothie


So yeah, just before I go into how to make it, I’ll just share which smoothie blender I use – so you know that you don’t necessarily need to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on something!

In the past, I had the Kenwood smoothie maker (cerca 2002-ish) and that was great for making the banana Baileys smoothies that we thought were wonderful during our student days.  The Kenwood then became my soup blender and we recently exchanged with my Mum for her 1970s Kenwood Chef (deal or what?!!) Anyhoo, I do have the blender attachment for my Chef, but I wanted something quick and easy, with cups that I could run up smoothies every day for us, both for breakfast and for protein shakes after the gym (when we rejoin!)

Looking at the Nutri Bullet and stuff, I couldn’t really bring myself to pay over the odds for a bit of extra wattage.  Yeah sure it will blitz peach skins to a pulp, but I’m not fussy about a few chewy bits in my smoothie, so I went for the more affordable £29.99 for the Brevil Blend Active and to be honest, it is doing just fine so far!

So now that you know a bit about the blended I am using, let’s get onto the smoothie.

Susty Meals - Breakfast in a Smoothie Smoothie

I have provided the ingredients list to make one large smoothie (although the picture shows everything)


200 ml cold coffee

300 ml soya milk

1 bananas

2 tbsp smooth peanut butter

1 tbsp Sweet Freedom or Agave

3 tbsp oats


make the coffee and leave to go cold (you can do this the night before to save time)

Pour the coffee into the blender cup and add the oats (this is where it looks a bit grim, but please don’t let it put you off!)

Susty Mmels - Breakfast in a Smoothie Smoothie

squeeze in the Sweet Freedom

peel the banana and break it into bite sized chunks, adding them to the cup

spoon in the peanut butter

Susty Mmels - Breakfast in a Smoothie Smoothieadd the soya milk (this should bring it to the top and be around 200 ml)  If it is just below, top up until the cup is filled to below the thread

Susty Mmels - Breakfast in a Smoothie Smoothiepop onto the blender and whiz for about 60 seconds until everything is nicely combined and the oats are thoroughly blitzed

repeat the process for the second one if making and then enjoy that yummy, creamy coffee breakfast smoothie hit that will definitely keep you going until lunch

For an added protein boost, if you are going to they gym, add a scoop of your usual protein powder to give it an added hit – a chocolate one would be AMAZING!!

Coffee Breakfast Smoothie

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