1 Penrhyn Terrace Campsite in Abersoch

by Sarah

As I mentioned, we have just returned from a week away in the hills of Abersoch at the 1 Penrhyn Terrace Campsite in Abersoch and had a fantastic time with the usual fun of the UK’s unpredictable weather (we do have some strange tan lines though! tee hee!)

View from our tent on 1 Penrhyn Campsite, Abersoch

We booked the site through the Camping and Caravanning Club as we joined recently to increase the number of campsites available to us and to get the benefits of membership.  It is a members only site which caters for families and couples only (although a VERY large family group joined the site towards the end of our stay, but more about that later)

We had read through the review on Trip Advisor and Camping and Caravanning Club and although many were old, they seemed reasonable (bar the one with the ‘young professionals’) even though there did seem to be a repeat issue with the limited toilet and shower facilities.

It is situated in a perfect location if you love walking and hiking, like us, as it was right by some lovely hilly walks through national Trust managed areas and in between two beaches which was absolutely perfect for us meaning that we could clock up a good 50 odd miles walking/hiking throughout our stay.

The site was pretty flat, although it was a bit bumpy where the car was parked and a slight lean to one side, but that was to be expected with the location.  We were warmly welcomed and shown to our plot, with the toiled block and washing up area being pointed out to us. It is a fairly small site so easy to see the facilities.

Once we set up, we settled down for a drink or two before making tea (I had prepared the  meal plans and menus and will share them in the coming days) It was fairly relaxing other than the teenage boys who discovered then inflatables made a very loud sound when hit together, but they soon stopped so we were able to enjoy the low hum of humans and the rest of the countryside sounds.

The ext few days were lovely with the sun shining so we got to get out and about.  After speaking with Tony (the owner) and finding out some excellent routes to take (I’d always recommend speaking with the owners when looking for walks as they will know all the secret shortcuts and exciting attractive routes that you don’t tend to find when following the path) so we visited both the nearby beach and walked the Coastal path to Abersoch.

This is just about 15 minute walk away!

This is just about 15 minute walk away!

(Just to note, we like to use the car as little as possible when away so we always like to get somewhere we can walk everywhere (or bus if need be) from.)

The site quietened down after Tuesday and it was absolutely bliss with couples and quiet families.

In regard to the facilities, there are two toilet/shower rooms, one for the men and one for the ladies then an outside toilet shed with hand sanitiser rather than a sink.  We like to take it easy in the morning, so it wasn’t a problem for us getting to use the, and to be honest the site was pretty quiet anyway so that made things easier.  The shed loo was fine and at least there was a second option should the others be in use.

Towards the end of the week the rain and the winds came (which the owners kindly warned us of and did check up onus while the winds were blowing a gale) which meant that we had to batten down the hatches and eventually use the car for a trip out.  We did walk down to Abersoch beach in our wet weather gear and to be honest, it was lovely seeing the beach empty and quiet!

Our trip out meant that we could head out to Portmerion and Aberdaron to the National Trust attractions in the area (and because a neighbouring camper had recommended a visit anyway) so we headed out along the single roads in mist where you could only see 10 m in front and 10 m behind (hairy to say the least!)

For the National Trust we visited Porth y Swnt (free for trust members and only £2 for non-members) which was amazing and great for kids and adults alike (plus it is warm and dry!) with a sensory exploration of the Llyn peninsular and the surrounding islands and nature – VERY well worth a visit (note: you can’t buy the National Trust Passport here though) and then on to Plas yn Rhiw whic again, even though down into the deep dark depths of the single track roads, is really enjoyable both for the history and the view – plus, if you’re a National Trust Member, it is free to park and enter.

Plas yn Rhiw, Aberdaron, Wales

We came back to the site to see that it was filling up quickly!

Plot after plot were being pitched on and the noise and hubub was increasing.  Don’t get me wrong, we don’t mind some noise from other campers, but this was getting loud!  This was when the HUGE family group arrived and that was the start of the queuing for the toilets and facilities.  Not only that, there was loud interaction going on until way past 11 pm (which was the start of quiet time according to the site rules)

We were due to leave the next morning so were up bright and early 7:30 am but the queues had started for the toilets already so we were running to and from the block while trying to pack up.  (we gave up on showering and opted to use the loo and brush our teeth – better than nothing!)

So overall, we had an amazing time! There is so much walking and exploring to do, gorgeous beaches and water sports galore to keep you and the kids entertained.  The site was great when it was off peak (reckon lots of people were coming because it was the week before the bank holiday) but it really needs more facilities if it is going to be fully booking the space.  I think we would return again in off peak, but we are planning our next trip to be closer to Aberdaron as the views are spectacular and there seems to be a slightly quieter atmosphere there.

Do you go camping?  Can you recommend any sites that are good for walking?  I love getting recommendations for places for all over the place – especially overseas and we are currently considering a European trip 🙂  Please let me know in the comments if you do.

Back in the ‘burbs,

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