Time to myself…

by Sarah

Jit is going away for a few days to London with work and however much I would love to be tagging along again, I do have my business to run and I thin the cats wouldn’t forgive me for another trip so soon!  So instead I have some time to myself.


To be honest, I call it time to myself, but when you have six cats that is not really realistic!  They love to ‘help’ me with absolutely everything so it is time to me and the cats if I am to be persnickety!

Anyhoo, not having Jit around means that I have some time to experiment with some new recipes and meals, do some sewing/crafting of some sort ant watch the Great Pottery Throw Down (not that he minds watching that, to be honest.)  Although this sounds lovely, I will miss him A LOT!

So while he is away, I am going all in for the bowl food so that I can snuggle with the cats on the settee and watch some TV or I can have a meal for one at the table if I’m feeling more that way inclined. But bowl food is just great IMO.

I first got into bowl food when I broke my scaphoid (the only bone in your body that has it’s own blood supply, and is positioned inwards from your thumb) meaning that I was in a plaster cast for well over six weeks meaning that cooking had to be adapted.  It was great discovering the one handed tin opener (which we still use now) and some delicious bowl meals that I could eat with just one hand.  We finally really got to use my Jamie Oliver bowls that my Auntie Joyce had bought me for my 21st birthday and we were all set for some new meals.

One of the main requisites of the meals was that they had to be edible with only a spoon or a fork as I was one handed, so everything was nicely chopped into manageable pieces – kind of like catering for a huge baby!

We discovered so many meals during this time that they bowl food became a firm favourite and I have been adding to the recipe collection every week – especially now that I have discovered (yes, I’m late to the game!) buddha bowls – of which I will be devouring a few this week.

So yeah, simple and delicious comfort food that I can devour with my feline company is on the cards this week.  The Ocado order is laced for delivery tomorrow and I’m all set for some Christmas crafting.

I’ll share my meal plan with you tomorrow.

Do you like bowl food?  What’s our favourite recipe?

In fact, I’m  off to create a bowl food board on Pinterest!!


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