The traditions of Bank Holidays

by Sarah

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Bank Holidays, I have a sudden urge to get stuff done around he house and garden (of course, that is in addition to going out walking somewhere!) and this past weekend was no exception.

We are in the long process of redecorating our house (8 years and counting since we bought it) and are slowly but surely putting our stamp on the place and really making it feel like ours.  It has ll be art of a very stringent budget setting experience (we didn’t want to go into debt only to feel guilty about our pretty house) so have been doing it in stages.

studio shelf

The last bits to be completed are my studio, the hall stairs and landing and the bathroom (which is on the ‘saving up to do’ list after receiving the quotes for the work.

Over the weekend, I painted half of my room and installed some shelves to house my fabrics and craft bits and bobs – so that I can find them and don’t feel tempted to buy more because I ‘haven’t got any fabric to use!’ 😉

Going through the process of clearing the house has been great – I have more stuff that I can now sell on eBay and put towards the bathroom and I feel so much better for clearing out even more clutter!

Do you have an office/studio/sewing room at home>  Fancy sharing some pics with me as I prepare to organise the other side of mine?  I’d love to see how you keep your spaces organised!  What tips do you have?

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