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Mushrooms on Toast
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Mushrooms on Toast

Deliciously simple mushrooms on toast for those days when you want something tasty, quick and are in the mood for the smell of frying mushrooms to fill your house! I’m by no means saying that this is a complicated dish, but I do like to include some easy go-to recipes that you can come back to […]

Deconstructed Halloumi Kebab | Sarah Irving Susty Meals
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Deconstructed Halloumi Kebabs

I do love a good kebab, but I find of find it a bit pointless doing them on the kebab sticks when you are cooking them inside (i.e. not on the BBQ) so I have started to make deconstructed halloumi kebabs.  If you have ever had a kebab, you’ll know that as soon as it […]