Monday Left Over Lunch

by Sarah

Yesterday, I made the Risotto Cakes and made extra so that we would have lunch to take to work today (well, the other half….I work from home on Monday)

I filled the box with salad leaves, made up some dressing with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil, layered the rice cakes onto the salad, then scattered chopped spring onion and fresh cherry tomatoes about the meal to add some colour and mixed flavour.

Left Overs for work lunch


I had also prepared some roast vegetable and cheese pasties to go along with the lunch.  The pasties were made from left over roast vegetables from Baked Egg and Mixed Vegetable Chips that we had on another night last week.  They freeze well so you can always dig them out for a quick snack during the week and are also perfect for picnics and for going walking.

As you will learn, my meal plans include left overs for work.  It is not only good for the pocket, but you will be eating a lot healthier than when you get that ‘craving buy’ during the work day.

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