Linda McCartney Mozarella Burgers with Cajun Wedges

by Sarah
Veggie Burgers with Cajun Wedges

My ‘Yellow Wednesday’ meal this week was a nice and easy Linda McCartney Mozarella burger with herb leaf salad, avocado and cajun potato wedges.

It has been a while since we have had burgers – think we over did it for a while and became a bit bored of the options.  The mozarella burgers from Linda McCartney are great as the cheese is inside the burger, which allows you to experiment and have fun with the other toppings.

I think we may have renewed enthusiasm in the simple burger!

Linda McCartney Mozarella Burgers with Cajun Wedges

Veggie Burgers with Cajun Wedges Ingredients:

Linda McCartney mozarella burgers

brown oven bottom muffins

pure soya spread

beef tomato, sliced

2 large potatoes cut into wedges

herb salad leaves


2 tbsp cajun spice mix

salt and pepper to taste

cucumber, sliced (about 6 slices for two burgers)

1 ripe avocado cut into slices


Cook the burgers according to packet instructions

Slice the muffins in half and spread with pure spread

Put the potato wedges into a large bowl or dish and pour over the cajun spice and mix well to ensure even coverage of each wedge

Heat the deep fryer to 180 degrees Celsius and fry the wedges

Arrange the salad leaves on the bottom of the muffin followed by the slices of tomato and cucumber

Place the burger on top of the vegetables and top with avocado slices

Drizzle the lid of the muffin with mayonnaise and pop onto the burger

Drain the wedges in the basket, then on kitchen paper, and arrange next to the burger

Serve with some celery sticks to the side for added freshness

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