It’s that time of year again…

by Sarah
Shh! Don't mention the C word! It's that time of year again!

Not to be one to bandy the C word around early on in the year, but it is that time of year again.  You know, the time where you exchange gifts with your friends and family and enjoy some down time at the end of the year. That C word…

Shh! Don't mention the C word!  It's that time of year again!

Normally I am the one that groans when my friend start posting things like ‘only 10 Friday’s until Christmas’ and things!  But this year, it seems to have given me a boot up the backside to actually get my projects done.

As a crafter, I have to think in advance of that time of year in order to reduce self-induced panic and craft mania as the time slips away and I have more and more ideas of things to make and create.  You know the score, I can’t be the only one who usually leaves it all until the last minute… can I?

So to save on my stress, I am getting on the craft wagon now so that I can get all my non-perishable bits sorted now and then only have the food stuff to make closer to the time.  In order to make sure I stay on track and don’t get distracted by the many more fun projects and makes out there, I have created a specific Christmas 2015 board over on Pinterest (come find me if you are on there – I’m Saircle!)

Having said that it is safer, I am actually reassessing that as every time I pop over there to check out my board, I end up adding a plethora of other stuff to my boards as they are recommended to me – typical distractions and all!

However, I do have the projects that I want to make for this Christmas all plopped onto one board so I’m not having to snoop through my other boards trying to remember what I want to make.  It will also mean that next year I don’t end up duplicating things which is always a good thing.

Crocheted coaster being finished off

To get me started this year, I have been working on some lovely crochet coasters, which will make for lovely presents when bundled into sixes or fours.  The pattern is free and really simple, I can make a coaster in about 15 minutes, so definitely one you can squeeze in between other crafts, cooking, baking etc…

Crocheted coasters for homemade Christmas gifts

I plan on posting some more about each project as I get them done and hope to inspire you to get your craft on too.  There is nothing quite as lovely as giving and receiving a homemade gift!

Are you making homemade gifts this year?  Let me know what you’re up to or please share your Pinterest handle so we can share inspiration (and procrastination!) 😉

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