Easy Friday Meal: Pizza, Chips, (fake) Chicken and Salad

by Sarah

I am all for fresh made home cooking, but we all need a break from time to time and Friday is a good day to do it, especially if like me you like to make something more complex on a Saturday.

When explaining to people how to meal plan and tips for starting out, I encourage them to include about 2 ‘from the freezer/store cupboard’ meals.  These can include things like jacket potatoes with bean mince or pizza and chips etc. This is so that if you do end up eating out one evening, you can switch the meals to use the fresh ingredients and to push the easy meal onto next week’s plan.

I went for the simple option of mixed vegetable pizza, which I snazzed up with pesto and Parmesan-style cheese, with chips, fake chicken pieces and celery.  It gave me the opportunity to kick back and watch a film!

Tip! Don’t just accept boring ready made vegetarian/vegan pizzas, add store cupboard classics, like pesto, pate, sundried tomatoes, jarred antipasti or herbs and spices to give it a boost!

Pizza, Fake Chicken, chips and salad

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