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Herby Feta and Tofu Bake | Vegetarian Dinner Recipes | Sarah Irving | Susty Meals | Manchester | Food Blogger | Recipe Creation
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Herby Feta and Tofu Bake

For an easy dinner, there is nothing quite as simple as a herby feta and tofu bake!  Everything gets chucked together (with a little bit of prep) with some delicious tomato sauce and off you go!  Flavoursome, simple and completely delicious.  To make it vegan, use an extra block of tofu and skip the feta. […]

Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Stoup | Chunky Vegan Soup Recipe | Vegetarian | Susty Meals | Sarah Irving
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Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Stoup

There are some days when there are some veg left in the basket despite my best efforts, so having something like this vegan chunky lentil and vegetable stoup recipe is the perfect way to concoct them into something delicious and filling. You might very well be wondering what ‘stoup’ is and I wouldn’t blame you […]

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Green Omelette and Green Salad

If you’re looking to colour coordinate your dinner, then the green omelette and green salad are just the thing.  I didn’t set out to intentionally make the whole meal green, it just turned out that way.  It is so simple to make for those nights when your other half is out or you need something […]